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Amherst Chinese Christian Church
Arlington Chinese Church, TX
Atlanta Chinese Christian Church
Austin Chinese Church - Austin, TX
Chinese Baptist Church - Seattle, WA
Chinese Baptist Church of Central Orange County, CA
Chinese Baptist Church of San Jose, CA
Chinese Bible Church - College Park, MD
Chinese Bible Church of San Diego, CA
Chinese Church in Christ in Milpitas, CA
Chinese Christian Church of Virginia
Chinese Church in Christ, Mountain View, CA
Chinese Church in Philadelphia, PA
Chinese Evangelical Church of San Diego
, CA
Chinese Evangelical Free Church - Los Angeles, CA
Chinese  Immanuel  Church, Sacramento, CA

Chinese Independent Baptist Church of Oakland, CA
Christ Community Chinese Alliance Church, CA
Christian Assembly of Cupertino, CA
Christian Gospel Disciples Church
Gospel Chinese Christian Church - Milpitas, CA
Monmouth Chinese Christian Church, NY
Northern Virginia Chinese Christian Church, VA
Plateau True Light Christian Church, Seattle, WA

Silicon Valley Alliance Church, Milpitas, CA
San Jose Chinese Alliance Church, CA
St. Louis Chinese Baptist Church, MO
Southwest Chinese Baptist Church, TX
Syracuse Chinese Christian Church, NY
Tallowood Chinese Baptist Mission - Houston, TX
The Christian Care Ministry Medi-Share Program, FL

The Lord's Grace Church, Palo Alto, CA
The Official Web Site of the C&MA, USA
Vancouver Chinese Baptist Church, Canada